Citizen Endorsements

Citizens all over New Jersey endorsed Jon Corzine for Governor, shared their personal stories, and declared why they got involved in the campaign. Read their messages of support below.

Endorsements from the Campaign

“I am concerned about corruption in government and know that Corzine can’t be bought. Real Estate Taxes are hurting NJ residence and believe that Corzine will confront this issue.”
Rogelio (Rick) Griffiths, Yardville

“I support Jon Corzine because as a young individual interested in what goes on the world and in politics, Jon Corzine has always supported my democratic views as well as being a leader. I have written to his office dozens of times on issues concerning me, he has always responded. He has always cared. I am 18 years old and I plan on voting for Jon Corzine for governor. I plan on getting many of my peers to vote as well.”
Kristen Szatny, Sicklerville

thumb_hughes“I endorse Jon Corzine because as a recent college graduate, the cost of education is important. Jon has a real plan to make education affordable and sustainable/manageable even after graduation.”
Sean Hughes, Fair Lawn

thumb_sedita“Jon Corzine has the experience, the drive, and the understanding to be a great Governor. I believe he will fight for working people, for the environment, and for honest government.”
Michael Sedita, Hacketttstown

“Senator Corzine has proven through his experience and service in the U.S. Senate, as well as in the realm of business, to be an efficient leader. His personal ethics and high moral character are indisputable. He offers both a progressive vision and an indisputable talent to administer a budget. Without a doubt he will make an outstanding Governor for our State.”
Pat Beckett, Haddon Heights

“Jon Corzine is not your average politician. He is a proven businessman and legislator who will do what is best for New Jersey. Please join me in supporting this extraordinary citizen for Governor of New Jersey. He will make us proud to call New Jersey home.”
Barry Kushnir, Bayonne

thumb_ongwenyi“He inspires me. He helped to expedite visa action for my brother’s wife from Kenya. He has the experience and capacity to fix New Jersey’s deficit, he is honest and fair, he is a strong advocate for reducing health disparities in health care in this state and the nation, he is sensitive to the needs of those of us that are immigrants,etc etc. The list goes on and on. It will be an honor to work in his campaign to get him elected.”
Gilbert Ongwenyi, Evesham

thumb_manshel“Jon Corzine is exactly the right man for Governor of NJ at the right time. He brings a perfect combination of integrity, intelligence and experience at a very troubling time for our State and our nation.”
Bernice Manshel, West Orange

“Jon Corzine is fighting to make our state and nation safer and more secure from the health and environmental threats caused by toxic chemicals.”
Rick Engler, Moorestown

“Senator Corzine has been an ardent supporter of working families across New Jersey. He has stood up time after time to defend our rights as individuals and to work to build a community where we all grow together. His work to protect our environment, expand access to affordable health care, revolutionize public education, and protect America have led me to endorse him for governor of New Jersey, a state Senator Corzine deeply loves.”
Adam Feiler

thumb_pinninti“Sen. Jon Corzine is a very experienced, knowledgeable and socially committed public representative who deserves our full support. He can successfully integrate economic, social and environmental imperatives for building a sustainable society, with prosperity for all and neglecting none.”
Dr.K Rao Pinninti, Lawrenceville

“In addition to agreeing with most of his platform positions, I have had a personal experience that simply underscored that he and his team know how to get things done. My new husband is a British citizen awaiting his green card (all paperwork has been filed!). His ailing grandmother, who helped raise him, was ailing and he wanted to return to Scotland to see her. We had applied for travel parole but faced massive delays in getting it approved. Within a few days of contacting the Senator’s office, his immigration specialist was able to cut through the redtape and get the approval we sought. It was a private rather than public victory, but an extremely important one for us and his grandmother.”
Jacqueline Condie, West Windsor

thumb_kushnir“Senator Corzine has developed a vast resume when it comes to safegaurding the interests of all New Jerseans. His corporate reform and tax legislation made sure that average New Jerseans would not suffer due to corporate abuse. Jon also helped secure funds to rebuild New Jersey after the September 11 attacks, provided vital support to the families of the victims, and pressed for protections to vulnerable chemical facilities in New Jersey. He has fought against cuts in education and fought for the expansion of health benefits for the most needy Americans. Jon Corzine helped save our shores and beaches from oil drilling and our Highlands from overdevelopment. Finally, he has helped secure funds for the vital transportation infrastructure of New Jersey, enabling our roads and mass transit system to support the overwhelming number of commuters in our state.”
Barry Kushnir, Bayonne

thumb_antonakakis“As a NJ Greek-American, I trust Jon Corzine will “Re-Invent” State government by making sure it is transparent, accountable, accessible, and efficient.”
Stavros Antonakakis, Voorhees