A Message from Governor Corzine

My administration embraces the values that bind us together – equality, opportunity and fairness. I’m working hard to make sure that New Jersey invests, grows and prospers – and to make sure people have access to affordable healthcare and quality education.

We made a good start last summer with a budget agreement that puts the state on a new path toward fiscal responsibility. But we still have much to do. Like addressing the property tax crisis that is overwhelming New Jerseyans and threatening their economic well-being. We must permanently end our state’s over-reliance on this regressive tax – no quick-fixes, no short-term relief. I will continue to work with the legislature night and day to enact lasting, sustainable reform. It’s not going to be easy. But it is our most urgent challenge, and I’ll be the first to speak out if I don’t think it’s moving forward. .

I am convinced we can get this done. We can achieve long-term property tax relief for our hard-pressed fellow citizens, and we can tackle the root causes of the problems that drive up property taxes every year. Please join me in this historic effort to set a new course for New Jersey. .